Pugno’s Delusions

Recently Andy Pugno of the proponents of the recently passed Proposition 8 wrote an essay for FlashReport which had this statement.

“Really? So let me get this straight. If you lose a campaign because you can’t persuade the majority of people to rally behind you, then you have a constitutional right to nullify the votes of the majority.”

Just because voters pass an initiative does not mean its right. Would the defense stand for Proposition 14 in 1964 legalizing housing discrimination? It was passed by the votes of the majority. Just because it’s passed by the majority does not mean the law is a good law.

So mob rule is the law of the day?

What about checks and balances?

The tyranny of the majority is not permitted to trample the rights of the minority.

Anyways, I thought a learned man such as Mr.Pugno would have read stuff like Federalist Number 10.

I thought it was the left wing who believed that they should teach the youth and people to be ignorant. When the traditionalists want to brainwash the people by thinking “How come the courts can overturn a law passed by California voters, it’s just not fair” That is why we have checks and balances just like how McCain Feingold got repealed. Or Proposition 14 (1964) repealed.

Liberty Fund sells loads of useful books that could teach the general public about politics, history and philosophy and it’s not the GLSEN Reading List! Liberty, Order, and Justice: An Introduction to the Constitutional Principles of American Government  by James McClellan is a first start for our friends at ProtectMarriage, if I had the money I would send Andy Pugno and Frank Schubert a copy since they forgot about Federalist Number 10.

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