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People of the Inland Valley you have a mission entrusted by the voters of California to help draw the district lines after the Census of 2010. All it takes is visiting the official Citizens Redistricting Commission website and finishing your application by February 12th of this year.  There are some exclusions for membership on this panel such as if you donated an excessive amount of money, if you are an elected office holder or ran for office in the last ten years, if you are an immediate family member of a candidate or office holder that would exclude you as well. Also this panel wants voters who voted in the last 2 out of 3 general elections and you have needed to hold your partisan affiliation for the last 5 years.

After reading the excluded list and you find yourself eligible fill out the application and after the first stage is done auditors will be going through the applications to find 120 of the brightest minds to be considered for the next stage for consideration. 40 Republicans, 40 Democrats, 40 of neither major party these individuals will be interviewed and cut down in half for the final selection process. With the final selection process happening around the fall of this year the 4 legislative leaders in both houses will be eliminating 2 people of their choice, then the State Auditor will randomly select 3 Republicans, 3 Democrats and 2 Other Party members, then those eight will chose another 6 from the pool and we get our final redistricting commission which would start in the beginning of 2011.

Many interest groups are counting on their members to submit their applications so there would be fair representation. Right now it’s a 75/25 split between men and women and Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are underrepresented at the time.  The redistricting of 2001 was horrible where communities of interest were neglected in the interest of gerrymandering for partisan advantage. Now we the people have the chance to make districts that are competitive like 1991’s remap while learning from the mistakes of 2001.

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