I decided to start the process of trying to get my subject tests passed so I could go for a teacher credentialing program in the next few months. I took the California history, American Government and Economics exam. I was worried what was going to happen, but it did not feel like I was going to totally fail the test, but it seemed doable. I have one month to wait until I am able to receive my scores online, and I feel at least I will likely get a passing score in the long run.

I was impressed while taking the test that some of the questions in the multiple choice section were very relevant such as California and water. I did check over my test, I did feel confident, but Economics was my weakest subject where I am hoping I did not miss more than 5 questions out of 40.

I think my best essay was about how fundamental rights have changed since the establishment of our constitution such as the freedom of speech, but my weakest essay was about the Asian American experience in California after 1945. However I am hoping for an average score on the Mexican factory essay.

70 dollars a pop for these exams and money is tight so I need to do my best so I could hopefully apply for a credentialing program during the winter of 2011. I am so glad I did not take all 3 subject tests all at once. I needed to get a feel for the exam first before I invest big money.

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