Smart Water Policies

Residents of Ontario are going to get tired of seeing hundred dollar water and trash service bills pretty soon, and we should do our best to alleviate the problem. How about reducing the lawns that lurk in our city. Offer incentives for people to use a non grass based landscaping solution.

I know people do not want to see brown lawns, but in today’s economy and ecology  who can afford the water these days.Maybe we can offer incentives to builders who build water friendly buildings both residential and commercial. We can provide free market friendly environmentalism.

Also since Ontario and Chino is having new sections for housing developments, utilize a grey water system so we can use recycled water if developers do insist on having landscaping on their housing. Since we are building new infrastructure we can make a difference for new population residing in our area.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity like oil and we have to conserve our precious resource as best as we can. We can not rely on just water from the north, we have to do our best in maximizing in what we have. If we want to preserve our standard of living we have to manage our resources so we have enough water for generations.

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