Credit Card Reform Amendment Must Pass

Americans must begin to borrow and spend responsibly. If the banks tighten the credit
requirements the recovery of our economy will not begin soon. From Playstations to Ford
cars we need the money to keep on flowing through so we can improve consumer confidence.

Customers who have been responsible in managing their credit should not been abused by
their banks. Interest rates have gone from 10 percent to 15, or even to 21 or 29 percent
because they are looking at their best customers as easy money, but with higher interest
rates to pay the banks are providing a tighter noose leading their customers to financial

I would like to encourage my Congressman Joe Baca (D-San Bernardino) to bring forth the
House version of S. 1927 by Senator Dodd of Connecticut. The insanity of increasing credit
card rates en masse before the deadline must end.

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