Republicans Not Into California Mainstream

Political Scientists have discovered that California Republicans are outside the mainstream in a study of the political compositions of state legislatures across the United States. Maybe this is a message expressing how the Democratic Party will dominate California Politics for eternity if the California Republican Party can not figure out how to be mainstream yet conservative.

Maybe we need to maybe have a strict spending limit like the Gann Limit back into the state budget, remove all ballot box budgeting proposals such as Proposition 98. If we are going to remove most of Proposition 13, lets kill the sacred cows of the left as well. We could remove the 2/3rds requirement for tax bills and the state budget and make it 50+1 and if you have to go against the Gann Limit then it would be 2/3rds vote requirement. The 2/3rds requirement makes the California Republicans complacent where they will not do anything extra to help gain ground in the assembly and the senate. It is like oh my, we can advance our agenda without having to put resources in winning elections to become the majority party.

Republicans are most likely going to lose their 2/3rds protection, the Democratic Party has been relentless in working to take Republican leaning districts such as AD 10 and AD 15, and will likely take AD 36 and 65 very shortly as well. The same old playbook is not going to cut it, with the Democratic Party may have public employee money that helps protect the crumbling candy land of their excessive deferred compensation that will bankrupt the state. Sooner or later the candy land is going to crumble and as long as we are pragmatic, Californians will accept the tough talk for our tough times.

H/T: Proof that California Republicans are Crazy: Calitics

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