Outrage at the MWD

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association has uncovered a massive giveaway to many of their employees of over $100,000 upon retirement.  The MWD serves customers all across Southern California so this affects us big time.

Right now there are 40 MWD retirees already receiving pensions of at least $100,000 under the current pension plan offered by the MWD according to the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility.

Now this new proposal is going to make things much worse with a 25% retroactive pension increase.

Currently the Metropolitan Water District is in the middle of a two year 31% rate hike and now they are asking the ratepayers to pay for this? Cities such as Ontario have submitted rate increase proposals right now and ratepayers need to raise an outcry to the MWD and their local cities to demand action. It is an insult for customers across Southern California to be soaked in rate increases, while the fat cats dance.

The facts are in where MWD employees contribute NOTHING for their pension benefits. They do not pay into social security, they did not even pay anything towards retiree health benefits until recently.

These potential pension hike increases add unfunded pension liabilities by over $70 million on top of a $400 million unfunded liability caused by market losses.

When average Californians struggle to get by, we need to let the MWD know that we refuse to finance lives of luxury to retired government employees.

You are encouraged to attend the MWD board meeting in Los Angeles on October 13th and sign the petition at the HJTA website to tell the MWD not to move foward with this plan.

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