Governor Pawlenty Enters the Republican Road to Nowhere

The clown car of Republican challengers to President Obama are gathering together to find out how unelectable they will be in the general election. Although President Obama and his Democratic Party will be sinking the United States to irrelevance, Republican politicians are following the road to nowhere. I would rather vet the potential candidates now so they would not have to suffer the embarrassment of defeat later.

I want someone that will solve our economic problems, not cause divisions between people based on their religion or sexuality. The leading candidates for 2012 are Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Right now we need to have some new candidates to enter stage right.

Tim Pawlenty recently announced his efforts to become the Republican Party nominee in 2012, but I do have some serious concerns. Minnesota is usually a state known for Democratic politicians, think Humphrey and Mondale and despite the alleged moderate facade, the governor is not an inclusive leader. I do admire the fiscal conservatism of Pawlenty, but I will not be enthusiastic in supporting him if he becomes our nominee. Pawlenty cited in an interview that supporting a bill that prevented discrimination in housing and employment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Minnesotans in 1993 was one of the worst votes he made in his life will not be an attractive statement for moderates, liberals and youth voters in encouraging people to vote for him. Obama won the youth vote hands down in 2008, and will likely do it again in 2012 if we do not get the right nominee running for the Republican Party.

I understand that the fundamentalists dominate the Republican Party just as much as labor unions dominate the Democratic Party. However it is universal that the desire for power can change a person where the governor had to adapt in order to get elected. Pawlenty will oppose anything positive that will improve the lives of Minnesota’s LGBT population such as marriage equality and anti-bullying laws for schools, where he will do the same if he became our president. Although I would like a strong United States and a better American economy, I prefer a president who would consider myself an equal citizen of our great nation.

I am hoping someone like Gary Johnson will run, where the people seeking social and economic freedom can join together for a new direction for America.

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