Recycling Theft

I understand that times are rough and people need the money, but when you do not have respect for the people you are loitering near then compassion disappears away. This man ended up tipping over the recyclable bin dumping the stuff all over my lawn. I told the guy clean up your mess else I will call the police, and the man still just gathered the stuff without abandon. Unfortunately the police did not come in on time. I guess the glass bottles will be recycled by myself instead since the city does not care about protecting its recyclables they collect from residents.

Does the money from the recycled goods help reduce the cost of trash disposal, does the loss of the recycled goods go from the general fund where city programs are impacted due to the loss of this money?

Should we as residents ask the city council to promote theft resistant trash containers? Or promote strategies to reduce recycling theft. The only people who have a right to take stuff in and out of the container is the resident and the city.

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