Carly’s Sad Campaign for US Senate

A recent bombshell has been announced at conservative blog Red State about the sorry state of her campaign for US Senate. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign eagerly wants to recruit candidates who could self fund their campaigns so they do not have to worry about fundraising. Last month Carly filed exploratory paperwork to the FEC, but until you spend five thousand you do not have to formally declare yourself as a candidate. As reported on Red State, Carly has not made any noise or decided to make her own self visible during the upcoming Republican State Convention.

Red State has suspected that Carly does not want to self-fund her campaign and that is not getting the political campaign staffers excited to even wanting to work for her campaign. Unfortunately in politics, money talks and if you cannot show the money do not expect competent staffers to work for you. Since the firm of Dresder and Wickers was not able to find a campaign chief for her, she decided to go for Marty Wilson who was the governor’s chief fundraiser. However Marty Wilson’s job was easy because Arnold has universal name recognition and Marty was previously hired by Poizner and let him go because he was not effective in fundraising for Poizner. The big question is, will Marty leave if Party realizes Carly refuses to use her own money to win the primary?

Her statement of self-funding, but I am not going to self-fund was designed to block the NRSC from supporting DeVore for the race. Unfortunately with the unflattering history of her tenure at HP, her lack of voting in elections and allegedly shipping technology to Iran you got a hot mess ready to fail. Also expect the FEC to file reports against Carly for failing to file papers for candidacy because she obviously has spent over five thousand to run for US Senate.

I am not interested in Assemblyman DeVore and I was looking for a fresh alternative, but for California Republicans the water is still warm for someone new to run for the nomination of the Republican Party. NRSC is offending the grass roots of the base that funds their campaign committee and should treed carefully and vet their candidates before deciding to endorse or give money to them. The base does not want another Arlen Specter to bite back to haunt the party in the future. Carly should understand that Senator Corwyn of the NRSC only wants her money not her.

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