Republicans Making it Harder to File Taxes and Survive Domestic Violence.

Ever since Steve Westly decided to make filing state income taxes easier, the leading tax and finance software provider Intuit decided to wage war against the state for helping to reduce their revenue from people paying over $31 to file their state income tax.

If you qualify for programs such as the Free File Alliance, Intuit will give the federal taxes for free, but they will sock it to you with the state income tax preparation fee. As what they say in high school economics class, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The Republicans during the end of the legislative session made it their priority to make it harder for low and moderate income earners to file their income taxes. This decision will not help the Republican Party in reaching out to new voters for the next election.

Due to the 2/3rds requirement that holds fiscal bills hostage unless Republicans support the legislation, they held many good pieces of legislation hostage such as funding domestic violence shelters which previously got unanimous approval until Intuit got their corporate welfare. If Senator Strickland wants to support Intuit, but be taxpayer friendly make the state tax forms simple and easier to understand so you do not need Ready Return or even Turbo Tax.

The 2/3rds requirement helps protect taxpayers of our state, but it is abhorrent that it is used as a bargaining tool for non-related legislation. It is irresponsible for Republicans to abstain from providing money for counties to prepare for the N1H1 outbreak, keeping domestic violence shelters open and to reduce the pain of the state raiding local funds. Republicans are holding these objectives hostage because Intuit wants to make it harder for people to file their state taxes. If you are wondering why the local domestic violence shelter shut down recently, blame Intuit.

If Republicans want to win the State Controller’s office in 2010, they need to be friendly to the needs of the average Californian and not sucking the teats off Intuit.

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