Handel Roast

I was invited by my family to attend the Handel morning show anniversary show in Anaheim, California. Since the economy is rough particularly in California they took mercy on the audience and made the ticket price 20 dollars not including parking or ticketbastard fees.

I have not listened to KFI host Bill Handel’s program thoughly as I used to in the past, but I knew most of the basic facts that lead to comedy fodder like Bill is cheap, Bill has a small knob. The theme of the show was a roast simular to what the Friar’s Club typically has done.

Unlike a typical roast, the audience and Bill’s soon to be former co-worker Dr.Laura also got roasted as part of the jokes between sketches. These listener events allow the show’s crew to be creative without the limitations of the FCC.

The audience was middle aged, but the humor was universal. I hope next year’s event is held in a bigger venue. The Grove of Anaheim was too crampt and it was a pain to get out of the venue. The Grove is more meant for general admission rock concerts. The Pomona Fox Theater would suit better.

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