Live Nation Advocates for Murder Music

Unfortunately the concert promoter firm Live Nation has booked Buju Banton for a nationwide tour as reported by the Gay Liberation Network. Buju Banton is notorious for his advocacy for the murder of lesbians and gays in the lyrics of his music. House of Blues under the ownership of Live Nation has previously faced criticism for sponsoring previous concerts of murder music performers, but it seems contradictory to their motto “Unity and Diversity” and “Help Ever, Hurt Never”.

Would a concert promoter hire a performer to advocate the murder of black people or the raping of women? I guess not, it seems the LGBT community is one of the last groups acceptable to discriminate or advocate violence to. LGBT civil rights groups called for Live Nation to ask for Reggae Dance Hall musicians who advocate the murder of gays to renounce their past advocacy in response to the sale of House of Blues to Live Nation. Banton first signed an agreement in order to perform, then repudiated later.

Banton’s nation of Jamaica is known for their inhospitable treatment of its gay and lesbian citizens due to the fact that Banton and his fellow reggae dance hall performer’s popular music help poison the culture by advocating the murder of gays. Would a corporation sponsor a performer that asks for gays to be murdered by an Uzi to the head in Buju Banton’s song "Boom, Bye Bye".

All that civil rights groups are asking for is for Live Nation to have some corporate responsibility and pull Buju Banton out of performing in your venues and return back to the tradition of “Unity and Diversity” and “Help Ever, Hurt Never”. I bet there are musicians that are from Jamaica that can unify people of all ethnicities, sexualities and religions. Live Nation should do their best as a corporation to make sure we can unify our communities instead of dividing them up and spreading the hate around.

If Live Nation fails to pull Buju Banton, concerned activists are encouraged to protest his concerts across the United States. And if you are a regular concert attendee who attends shows at Live Nation venues, feel free to contact Live Nation. 

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