The Schubert-Flint Hypocrisy Train

It seems cigarette smoking is the new theme for the team at Schubert-Flint consulting right now. First Jeff Flint, wrote a piece about tobacco taxes and how the Democratic Party is trying to sock big government on the minority who smoke tobacco based products. Then Frank Schubert wrote a column last year discussing about the issue about attacking smokers is the only remaining acceptable discrimination.

Aside from leading the charge for discriminating against gay and lesbian Californians, our friends at Schubert-Flint consulting are now bringing their work to the state of Maine to run the communications shop at Yes on 1 to support the People’s Veto of marriage equality in Maine. Thanks to blogger Jeremy Hooper at Good as You we get to find out how contradictory Frank Schubert is in his blog entry. Frank bemoans the fact that smoking is not allowed at the airport lounge and wonders about his loss of freedom and liberty to smoke in public.

Although smoking may not be allowed at the airport lounge, Frank mentions that California wants to make it illegal to smoke in your own home because they are afraid of the smoke killing your next door neighbors, especially when you are living in an apartment complex. Then Frank describes how the government wants to be a nanny state by regulating if you should be disallowed to smoke in your car or in your home. However Frank and Jeff have also used the doctrine of tyranny of the majority with the gay and lesbian population of our nation, but they call the nanny state activists to task for using the power of majority rule to restrict the rights of the smokers in California. Frank and his partner are making money practicing the same art the zealots in the anti-smoking lobby have done and they are both crying over spilled milk which devalues their argument.

Lastly, in Jeff Flint’s column he talks about it may be simple to tax a small minority to pay for government programs we cannot afford, but maybe instead of decreasing taxes from increased taxes on cigarettes. Maybe repealing Proposition 8 would be the better solution for the economy of the state of California. Marriage equality would help bring forth the needed tax dollars the state of California consumes since higher tobacco taxes are going to drain up funding for the programs the state depends on since people will evade taxes or quit smoking in response to increased taxes.

Maybe if Schubert and Flint respected individual rights such as a same sex couple to enter into a partnership, perhaps liberty minded Californians will support their right to smoke in their own homes. And if Schubert and Flint decided to use their same talents to remove marriage from the gays and helped elect Republicans in California, maybe they would not have to worry about any new smoking bans.

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