Have You Seen Me Lately?

I was inspired by a post on hotair.com entitled, Who are Your Milk Carton Politicians? to post this post about Congressman Joe Baca. It is also a preview of a letter I wrote to the Sun /Daily Bulletin as well. The vacation that our senators and congress members have is not just to go to Hawaii or London for some rest and relaxation. Although we all do deserve some vacation, this vacation period is entitled “Summer District Work Period”, there should be time for our congress members to meet with their constituents.

Constituents have been calling Joe Baca’s office repetitively for a chance for him to meet with his constituents, but he is probably not going to take your call unless you are a Teamster or a member of ACORN. The news story earlier in the month that was in the Daily Bulletin and the Sun enraged many constituents who have serious concerns about HR 3200 because he only thought that medical professionals and community leaders were more important than the average constituent.

More at iepolitics.com

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