TAP Your Way to Foothill Transit

If you are a transit user not regularly taking trips on Foothill Transit you should be aware that transfers will only be given with the TAP card, a stored valued prepaid fare card. Gone is the paper metrocard and now you get a smart card which is free with a refill until the end of August. The TAP system is good for MTA in Los Angeles as well so your money can be used with more than one participating transit system.

Since I only ride San Bernardino’s Omnitrans system about once a week, I did not know what happened with Foothill Transit. I think Foothill Transit should of put a small bulletin in the Omnitrans bus book or riders newsletter so people could of converted their Metrocards to TAP. I lost $3.50 in bus fare in my paper metrocard because I was not a regular customer.

And since transit agencies are facing cutbacks due to California’s state budget mess I did suggest to Omnitrans that they use the TAP system as well. People would store their daypass on the card instead of Omnitrans having to order fare media like monthly passes and day passes. Maybe Omnitrans could do a study. If 30,000 a year could be saved by using TAP, that would be money that could be used to keep a route open.

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  1. We did inform our customers of the switch months ago, but you're right. If you're not a regular on Foothill Transit there really isn't a way for you to know when transferring from another system. It may be a little late but maybe we can save a few other non-regulars from losing money. I'll get in touch with Omnitrans and see what's doable, info-wise. Thanks for the suggestion.

    -Felicia Friesema, Marketing and Communications Manager, Foothill Transit

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