The Vicious Job Market

Since my current job cut back my pay almost 20-30 percent each year, I have tried sending my applications to many places around my area. It seems I have been rejected or ignored many times so far.

I remember when the economy was so good back in 2006 where companies were paying bounties to any person walking in because people did not want a mininum wage job and were hoping for a good 30k plus a year job.

Unfortunately the economy crashed and many of us are looking for opportunity. Recently I applied for an upscale furnishing/clothing outlet yesturday and I came at 2pm when their job event was advertised from 1 to 7 in the evening and they said they would call me back, no luck yet.

My sister said we should keep on trying and for those of us under employed or unemployed something good will come. Maybe if our president offered a meaningful stimulus that delivered jobs and careers to the people who lost their jobs it will mean more than the pork barrel spending and it would be a good meaningful comeback for America.

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