Thank You Congressman Baca

I decided to write to Congressman Baca (D-Rialto) about ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell since our president refuses to end it with executive order. I encouraged him to co-sponsor the bill HR 1283 and his office had the worst constituent service imagined when I tried to get an answer from his office. At least Senators Feinstein and Boxer give auto-generated replies like thanks for writing, or at least a generic letter like the congressman has no opinion on this legislation, but he will take your words to notice.

At least Congressman Baca did the right thing by co-sponsoring the bill, which makes me thankful for his decision for a change. However the congressman needs to work on better communication with his constituents. Since Congressman Baca is likely congressman for life, at least he should try his best to serve us to the fullest ability he can.

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