Coming Soon to Obama Care, 83 Year Old Denied Care under Public Option in Sweden

It is ironic that the AARP and other noted senior citizen advocacy groups are sucking up to the Obama Care plan even though it is going against the needs of the members of their organizations. According to the Local, an English language Swedish newspaper, an elderly woman was suffering from spinal stenosis, which causes cramping, pain and numbness in the back.

Although her condition was treatable, the doctors told her that she was too old for the surgery at age 83. Since this woman did not want to deal with unbearable pain and end up having to use a wheelchair, she ended up visiting a private hospital and spending 17,000 USD to get her back in order.

Yes, a public option is going to cost us so much in taxes where we will be taxed to cover the population, but when you hit the target in age, don’t expect that your taxes will help pay for the medical care you will need in your golden years. Better get a health care savings account to be paired with your retirement so you can be prepared for life’s emergencies.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Obama Care, 83 Year Old Denied Care under Public Option in Sweden”

  1. Hi, I just happened upon your comment and would like to respond.
    When you say "us" are to speaking to any of the millions of hard working Americans who (due to no fault of their own) do not have health insurance/
    Why when you speak of bureaucrats you only refer to govt bureaucrats? Are the insurance companies blameless?
    I'm so sick of you polititions. Stop talking to us like we're children.
    Okay, I know it's not your fault that it costs millions of dollars to run a campaign and you gotta raise money to campaign (and the lobbyists know too well).
    You probably have great ideas to make the country better but you're forced to sell the Govt. = bad; corporations = good agenda.

    1. I am uninsured, but the way that HR 3200 is written its a hot mess. It is not fair that government will get their Lexus type health care plan, while all of us will get a Ford Pinto style health care plan.

      Health insurance is too expensive for many of us, and we do need reform. However if we are taking over 1/7th of the nation’s economy we need to take our time so we can do it right. President Obama and the Democratic Party leadership wants us to rush it through, but look what happened with the stimulus bill, pork barrel spending and the economy is still the way it was before the stimulus bill.

      Insurance companies should be ran like BUPA and Farmer’s Insurance, where profits are reinvested with the patients and the physicians. Insurance companies should not have to worry about denying claims just to increase their share price.

      Even put tort reform in health care, one of the highest costs for physicians to do business is malpractice insurance. Lawyers should get reasonable money when its done on contingency, but they should not make as much like John Edwards as an example. It should be the cost of repairing the damage from the doctor, plus the reasonable wages for the lawyer based on how much time and effort was put on the case. Tort reform would also help reduce the cost of health care.

      I am not a big fan of big insurance, but big government is not pretty either.

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