The Greatest Horror Novel of 2009. Obama Health Part 1

Want to read the greatest horror novel published today? No, it is not written by Stephen King or Dean Koontz. The greatest horror novel published today is the Obama health care reform project. President Obama and his allies in congress want to pass his plan in the dead of night so we the people will not have a chance to find out what horrific plans he has for the people of our nation.

There is no freedom of choice in the president’s health care reform package. Once you leave your private insurance plan or your employer ceases to offer insurance you will be booted to the public option. If you are on Medicare, don’t think you will be able to stay there either because you will be on the public option as well.

If you have friends or family in the special needs community such with Down’s syndrome do not expect the government to take care of their health care needs because enrollment in the public option will be limited.

If you are a physician do not expect that you will be paid more because you are a cardiologist or an ear nose throat specialist. In Obama’s world all of you will be paid the same from general practitioner to specialist. This will lead to the decrease in the number of specialists serving the needs of the people of our country.

If you are a patient you will be treated like a cog on the assembly line because physicians will be limited to how much time they can spend with you as a patient. And if you have to be readmitted because of illness or injury you will still have to abide by mandatory waiting periods no matter how severe your condition may be.

If you are elderly the government is going to encourage you to kill yourself for the good of the nation. Senior citizens will be required to attend end of life counseling each five years about the different ways you can end your life. If you liked Soylent Green you will like Obama health care reform. And government will force you to instruct and consult your life with living wills and durable powers of attorney.

The government not your doctor or family will be the only ones authorized to decide if you should have life support systems or terminal disease health care turned off. Most likely it will happen frequently because government will want to cut costs in the name of life.

There is still more to uncover on the health care bill being proposed by the Democratic leadership and President Obama, and part two will come shortly so you will know what is going on.

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