Online game etiquette

If you are the lucky person who is the leader of a party in a massively online role playing game, you have to manage the party while you are experience pointing your way to the levels. I have thought up of some guidelines to make things fair for the members of a MMO party.


1. Playtime, will the party be a 2-3 hour affair or longer?

2. If people are looking to get a replacement player so the party would not be broken and restarted back in the town, let the leader know. So we do not have to worry at the last minute to find a replacement player.

3. Since FFXI is a game that tries to cross the language barrier, getting JP players in your party can be a blessing or a burden especially if there is no bilingual player or the JP player is the outsider playing in the exp party. I want people in my party happy that we accomplished something, and I just don’t want to have someone hike up for 10 minutes and say English Party No Thanks because I do not know enough Japanese to explain the situation to that Japanese player.


I wonder why I do solo events in the MMO I play because I do not want to deal with the burden of being party leader. Or I would rather play with my MMO guild/linkshell only because I wouldn’t have to worry about participating in a pickup party.

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