The company I work for entered the Top 20 in companies that have the worst score in employee satisfaction.  Out of a –50 to 50 scale employees rate their employer on Maybe private equity firms need to understand that chopping things down to the bone will not help much with customer or associate satisfaction.

Here is a quote from one of the reviews.

they are so greedy for money they want as little people working as possible and then the DM gets pissed cause the customer survey scores are low well that is cause nobody is working and when the customer is trying to find something, the one floor person is helping somebody else.

Too bad the economy is weak where its hard to upgrade to a better employment situation. And my company cut many of their full time positions and job promotion is basically impossible. And 15-24 hour part time weekly schedules turned into 8-14 hour a week schedules which makes the employer wonder why my store’s customer service scores are still not above 85 percent. We do the best we can with what we got, but maybe with better employee morale customer service will improve.

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