Immediate 20 Second Action

From Laura via email:

Assembly Bill 1506 by Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon), would let people and businesses receiving state IOUs use them as payments to the state for DMV fees, payroll taxes or other state related debt.
The Assemblyman needs to slap down a pile of e-mails from the people when he presents the Bill so that the Dems are given a moment of pause before they switch into auto-kill mode which happens with practically every GOP bill.
It will take just a second to help Assemblyman Anderson…
It’s important that we take action today – 07/06/09…
20-second activism…we all can do this!!
Send him an e-mail at:
In your e-mail state that as a resident of the state of California, you are contacting him today in support of Bill 1506.
Include your Name, Phone and Address….for purposes of residency …
Anyone from any county can join in the e-mail support campaign.



Make sure its sent before the end of the day.

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