Random Thoughts

President Obama is the ultimate retro president. Lets go do the time warp to 1979! Is it 1979 again??? 10% unemployment. Americans being taken hostage by Islamists. President coddles dictators. – Thank you Bruce for the quote.

I know I should give my current customer at the register consideration. I know the job obligation at my store means requiring answering phones. I had a caller on the phone trying to ask for the Corona, California location and she told me she did not want to hear the bullshit, but I told her I got our store phone number list from an official site so they should be reliable. I know people are cheap as a miser and do not want to blow 1.50 just to get a phone number from information and I told her that if you call our 800 hotline and type in a zip code it will spit out three to four of the nearest branches for you.

I know at times I do stuff without thinking, but I think if a caller is being impatient and or abusive I will pass it to someone else above the chain if this happens again. I know I shouldn’t of walked off from my current customer to help a person on the phone, but at least I was polite to ask her to wait a moment. Yes, I did screw up, but at least I was polite about it. And I think my co-worker next to me should of said yes my book with phone numbers is in the other room, but finish up your current customer first. The irony was the phone number was the same in my blackberry and also her note book!

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