The Next Big Thing in MUSIC

I recently got a nasty sunburn on my shoulders and I want to divert myself away from politics so I want to talk about MUSIC. The Noisettes is a band that will have their sophomore breakout album “Wild Young Hearts” in August. Their #2 single in the UK, Don’t Upset The Rhythm is pretty good. Great vocalist with a good backing band.

Then if we are looking for electropop we should look at Dragonette with their new song Fixin to Thrill. This is their first single for their upcoming second album. Plus they did a song with Jean Paul Gautier and Martin Solving called Boys & Girls which is pretty good as well, sadly the song will likely not be released by Dragonette.


If anyone has any other good related music suggestions, or some suggestions to ease the pain from my sunburn. Please let me know!

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