Cut the Waste out of Government

My next door neighbor came up with a novel idea on how to save a few million in our K-14 system. Take off the whole week of Thanksgiving and make MON-WED as unpaid for the teachers and support staff. When the state’s economy returns to normal we could bring back those days back on the education calendar. Government employee unions will probably tell the Democratic Party if you approve any cuts your dead on the vine, but all of us have to make sacrifices in order to protect our state from falling into bankruptcy. Legislative leaders say when we do not have revenue, lets just raise taxes. Usually in a bad economy when you raise taxes, revenue goes down. This ends up leading us into a downward spiral.

Unfortunately we can not borrow our way to prosperity, we deficit spent our way in good times and bad times. We maxed out the state credit card. We have to come up with creative yet ethical ideas to save our state and keep the state golden. The taxpayers simply can not absorb more of this fiscal irresponsibility. I do intend to call State Senator Mcleod and Assemblywoman Torres with my two cents on the state budget. Even though they will probably ignore common sense solutions, the constituents of my community must speak up loud and proud. Unfortunately my representatives are bought and paid for by union money so whatever the unions say, Gloria and Norma will follow.

Also, I was forwarded an email from Randy Thomasson’s organization, although I strongly disagree with them on their opposition to LGBT equality. I do agree with them that the California fiscal climate needs to change. At least we have some common ground, but not much. <grin>

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