Disgusted at Congressman Baca

June 26th was an infamous day in American history, Joe Baca and friends capped the American economy and sold off our prosperity in the American Clean Energy and Security Act HR 2454. I thought the Democratic Party was the party of the working class and the poor, but I guess not. Working families are going to be reamed with higher costs for energy and food due to this pending law.

Cap and trade does little to help improve the situation of climate change. Carbon offsets will negate the effects in reducing emissions and only be a method of just raising money for the government where enforcers will be coming down your business to make sure they are meeting emission limits.

And if you are a home owner expect more mandates that will also drive the cost of housing and make homes less affordable to those who want to buy or sell a home. Expect to pay for an energy inspector to certify your doors, windows, heaters and appliances to meet government standards before you are allowed to sell your home. This mandate is going to do nothing to help the real estate industry which is hurting due to the housing bubble.

Speaker Pelosi, Joe Baca and President Obama are promising jobs and opportunity, but all these nanny state regulations will only prolong our recession and delay our economic recovery. If we want to stop the insanity we must call Senators Boxer and Feinstein now.

2 thoughts on “Disgusted at Congressman Baca”

  1. where are you getting this about having to do all these things to sell your home? Nowhere in the legislation does it actually say that.

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