Republicans: If you are gay, you are not represented.

June is the month for pride for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered communities and our State Assembly proclaimed a resolution proclaiming June as LGBT Pride month and a majority of Republicans abstained and walked out in disgust. I find that very disappointing that the Republicans are throwing their chance at reaching out to 5.2 percent of the adult population of the state of California. Not all of us are straight, and not all of the gay community are liberal and or Democratic party members.

Local assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) voted no on HR 17 despite the fact that there are many LGBT households in various cities above the national average in his district according to statistics collected from

The California Republican Party is suffering in voter registration where the only people who are Republicans are basically white, older and religious. Political experts such as Scott Schmidt and Mike Murphy agree that we do need to expand the base of our party. If we want a comeback in California and across the nation we must exit the political "Ice Age". Our communities are not filled just with white middle-class church going voters.

Our Republican legislators need to understand that they are representing all their constituents not just their heterosexual constituents. We must build a bridge with all communities to find some common ground. For us to win state wide and in districts that we lost over the years, throwing red meat to the base is not enough.

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