Republicans Need to Hold Clear on Values Issues

As the political party of the moral majority the Republican Party has been bloodied by the admissions of adultery from leaders such as Senator Ensign of Nevada and Governor Sanford of South Carolina. The Republican Party has been known to defend and protect traditional values for the last generation, but when their standard bearers can not protect their own marriages how can they protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage?  Should we blame the states that legalized marriage equality for the failure of the marriages of fallen heterosexuals?

If traditional values activists want to protect marriage and limit it to heterosexual couples they should learn how to work on how to make their marriages work before campaigning to preach the virtues of tradition. Younger voters are not buying this dog and pony show from the Republican Party should should integrate the new reality in their next campaigns. Demographics are changing and we need to understand that when we enter the new election cycle of 2010. By being inclusive to gay and lesbian Americans we can build a bridge to the future of our nation.

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