Incommunicado part dos

It seems Dominos Pizza is the only organization that communicated back in regards to my concern that I can not order my pizza online.

I thank them. I may need to send a private message back to reply back to get it resolved.

My other issue in the land of incommunicado is people saying they have time for you, but they really do not. If you are busy just say so. Tact without being snarky as I would like to say.

I am hoping Congressman Baca’s case worker slash legislative assistant at least gives me his position on HR 1283 so I know where he stands on the issue. His seat is safe so he could vote either way without impunity. It is disgusting that felons and white surpremacists can serve in the armed forces while tens of thousands of gay and lesbian service members get booted out.

I hope to exit the land of incommunicado as soon as possible.

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