It seems its been almost a week since Domino’s Pizza customer service has failed to reply to my email stating how they would like us to order online for our pizzas, but my local store for the last two years has not been fully hooked up to the online ordering system that Domino’s Pizza has established for their franchises.

Why promote online ordering and saying that location can be online when it has not. I am not expecting a free pizza coupon from the corporate office, I am just expecting prompt and reasonable communication!

I guess I will have to try Twitter to get an answer!

It has been a month and a week since I wrote a letter since I wrote a letter to Congressman Baca about sponsoring the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell where we are kicking out qualified gay and lesbian service members and allowing felons, older adults over 45, white supremacists and gang members to enlist instead to boost their recruiting goals.

Still no reply pro or con from my congressman. Congressman Baca has horrible constituent service. I wrote a letter to his DC office and still have not received a reply back. It seems Congressman Gary Miller actually has better constituent service, and even writes back when he disagrees with his constituents when I asked him to co-sponsor the Employment Non Discrimination Act in 2001.

Communication, it makes the world work.

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