Obama says to LGBT America, I Just Used You!

Recently the Obama administration’s Justice Department wrote a brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act. Unfortunately our president campaigned on the message of hope and change with the gay and lesbian community and backstabbed them for votes and campaign donations. Most of the time justice departments do defend the laws that are on the books and that is understandable, but his justice department decided to use the most tantalizing raw meat to the traditional values community against a population.

You claim to be a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian equality, I think not President Obama. This amicus brief claims that if we liberalize marriage rules it will allow for incest and people raping children, that gays don’t deserve suspect class protection, that gay Americans do not deserve a right to privacy and Loving v. Virginia should not be used as precedence in helping to promote marriage equality. Who wrote your amicus brief, the Bush Justice Department? If gay and lesbian Americans wanted this abuse we would have all voted for the Republican Party.

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