Lack of Communication from Congressman Baca

The lack of communication from my congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) is very disappointing. I recently wrote a letter to my congressman about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell about integrating open gay and lesbian military personnel in our armed forces and after a phone call after a month of not receiving a reply of his position on the bill pro or con, I come to suspect that he is just too cautious like our president.

My congressman lives in a very safe constituency where he could take principled stands without much risk. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (HR 1283) is one of the rare equality bills that have broad support across demographic lines from conservatives to liberals, church going people to the non church going and over 142 fellow members have already co-sponsored this bill already.

It is disappointing when Congressman Gary Miller who served my community before reapportionment had his office write to me even on the most insignificant of legislation, but Joe Baca’s staff is asleep at the wheel even when its legislation that is traditionally Democratic Party favored.

I hope after the phone call I get a response in the next two weeks, if not I will probably need to write a letter to the editor in our local newspaper so he will get the message. Congressman Baca’s legislative director should have positions on various notable pieces of legislation already written up so the people of his district would know his positions on the issues.

Constituent service helps make or break a politician. If I was your representative I would do my best to treat my constituents with care even if we disagree strongly on an issue.

Update: Joe Baca eventually sponsored the bill and I thank him for his effort. And if you want a prompt response, DO NOT mail to the congressional office because the mail basically gets irradiated and held for a week or so. I learned my lesson.

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