You got to be tactical.

There are three possible major offices that I could run for in 2010. Since I do not want to let my opposition know what office I want to run for, I will position myself to run for any of the three offices that are up for running in the June 2010 primary next year. Right now I want to get my issues together, get an organization together and get things ready so I could plug and play when the process comes together. Our nation and state are both hurting and we have to figure out a way to navigate these rough seas without much collateral damage.

I need a worthwhile activity that can provide a lasting impact to the people of my community. I am a man of words and ideas and I hope to make a decision shortly.

I am not asking for money right now, but I would like to have support of the people of my community so I could get the nomination petitions completed around Spring 2010. But first, I want to get to know the people before any time and money becomes invested.

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