Democrats Screwing The Uninsured.


SB 484 (Wright) is going to make it hard for the uninsured and poor to attain allergy and cold medicine that is also used to produce meth. We already have to show our state ID or drivers license to attain the medicine and we are already limited from buying a certain amount of the medicine per drug chain.

We have a very slow economy where thousands of Californians are without health insurance and because this legislator wants to play law and order to burnish his credentials he wants to make it hard on the poor and working class to relieve their medical conditions. As someone who has sinus allergies this could create a burden in improving my quality of life. If I want to attain this medicine with this new bill I will end up having to spend $75.00 for a doctor’s visit for a prescription and pay inflated prices for the drugs because they would be taken off the counter and locked up at the pharmacist’s counter. Else I might have to go to Nevada or Arizona quarterly to buy my supply without dealing with the nanny state mentality.

I hope Assemblywoman Torres realizes how counter productive this bill is and decides to vote against it when this bill moves to the State Assembly. It seems people traditionally think of Democratic Party legislators as standing up for the little guy, but most of the legislators opposing this bill was Republicans in the State Senate (7 of 15 opposed it) while 3  of 25 Democrats were in opposition as well.

I found out that my state senator voted against this bill and I did send a letter to her thanking her for her vote. (Over 16 of 25 Democrats unfortunally voted for this stupid bill while 6 Republicans out of 15 supported it) while others abstained due to not being in Sacramento or did not want to embarrass themselves with law enforcement.

I know the legislators are trying to stop the meth problem, but maybe we need a statewide database instead of locking up these drugs and causing hardship to the uninsured. So if I go to Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart I would be restricted by a state database. This may be the compromise that would help law enforcement and protect the uninsured from this hardship. So if I buy 3 packages of a decongestant and I use up 4 grams out of 6 of my allowance, and I would be limited to 2 grams left  statewide. If I was a drug maker I would be prevented from visiting drug store after drug store in trying to restock my supply and if I was trying to buy 20-30 packages, then it should spark a red signal to law enforcement that something strange is going on. I contacted my state assemblywoman’s office and told her my reasons why I am opposing SB 484 and I offered her some ideas to maybe amend the bill so we can both help the uninsured/working poor and law enforcement.

Contact your state assembly member  if you suffer from allergies so you can protect the affordability of over the counter medicine.

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