Emusic.com, not really a value.

Emusic.com decided to enter in negotiations to attain the Sony catalogue of songs older than 2 years to their website. In order to pay for the new music they had to cut the number of downloads members can get with their monthly subscriptions. For the 9.99/11.99 subscribers you are not receiving 30 or 40 downloads you are receiving 24 or 30 now, and if you are having any of their expensive plans they got neutered big time which is making many of their big customers who pay for 90 downloads last month and now getting 50 downloads making them reconsider if they should follow thru with renewing their month to month plans.

If you have a yearly plan you will likely be grandfathered until your subscription runs out, then you will get the new pricing afterwards.

Hmmm… I am being downgraded from 40 to 30 downloads now. Will it be worth it?

I used emusic in the past to get into bands such as The Presets and Sparks which helped me get into following these bands by buying their latest releases or attending their shows. However since Emusic decided to increase their prices, it will be naturally up to the consumer to find other quality alternatives to stretch their entertainment dollar. People will not be eager to take risks in new and unheard music acts, which made emusic known for independent music if there is not an incentive for people to take a gamble on these new on the scene or unheard musicians.

I just ran out of downloads and I am looking towards alternatives, amiestreet has a interesting pricing system stuff thats new will be dirt cheap, then cap out to 9.99 or 11.99 based on how many people download the music, so if you buy it when it is just released you will save money in the long run.

Just consider your options, and maybe if emusic encoded their music at 256 instead of 192, maybe the grumbling would subsdie from the customer base.

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