The Aftermath

It is disappointing that the state supreme court upheld Proposition 8. They think the fourth branch of government, the people have dominance where they said if you do not like Proposition 8, make your own initiative to repeal it. Unfortunately it will be like Groundhog Day where if we overturn it with a campaign, the Catholics and the Latter Day Saints will pop up again and put another initiative  up trying to end it again.  Rights and freedoms should not be up for the people to decide like mob rule.

I know there are like 20-25% of the Yes on 8 voters who would absolutely support Civil Unions, and from what I read from the ruling Proposition 8 only trademarks the word marriage to straight couples.  However there are a good majority of No on 8 voters who would not want anything “Separate, but equal” Should we just put a bill up in Sacramento calling for Civil Unions? Perhaps not, because there are factions in the traditional values community saying that gay and lesbian individuals should be treated second class and they do not even deserve domestic partnerships where we will likely get legal challenges from the Alliance Defense Fund stating that Civil Unions violate Proposition 8 when they do not violate proposition 8 and have another ballot measure closing up civil unions and domestic partnership because they violate cultural sensibilities.

The best solution for those of us who support equality for all Californians is to tell a friend why this issue means much for you, donate to equality organizations, and get mobilized. Unfortunately even if we win there is still going to be a cultural conflict just as much as how Roe V. Wade caused division among the people of our nation. Even if we have marriage equality people did not understand that your religious institution still has a right to be selective on who they want to marry due to freedom of association and that does not change. If traditional values advocates really want to protect marriage they should attack no-fault divorce and work with their own people to improve the sanctity of heterosexual marriage.  It is not about religious marriage, the main issue we are asking for is for civil marriage recognized by the state of California.

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