Buyer beware….

At FatCow, subdomains are not free unlike Siteground. You have to pay $5 a month for upto 5 subdomains a month. So for example on my blog, I can not have without paying extra money. However with Siteground you have to pay extra money for a domain to be added to your hosting account $30.00. There are tradeoffs with whatever web hosting service you do decide to utilize. FatCow and Siteground have unlimited SQL databases while Bluehost limits you to 100 SQL databases is another example.

Its more complicated when you try to find out what is the best web site host that serves your needs. Most website review sites are biased towards a particular webhost where they likely receive payola to drive you to a respective web host. Its human nature to be driven towards the lowest price, but the best solution is to list your priorities and compare them to the four or five leading providers and review them from that focus.

I guess next year I may be hopping to a new webhosting service. Even if I have to pay 8.95 a month, at least I am getting what I am paying for.

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