San Bernardino County Lost Lawsuit re: Prop 215 ID Cards

Yes, another example of how San Bernardino County wasted taxpayer money on making ill and disabled people suffer by trying to invalidate Proposition 215 by taking their appeals with San Diego County. San Bernardino County supervisors blown 50,000 dollars in legal fees in trying to say that medical marijuana regulations from the state should not be followed because the state law violates federal law. State appeals courts upheld proposition 215, the state supreme court refused to hear the appeal so the counties went to the federal supreme court and they do not want to make waves so they let the state law stand. 

ID cards must be issued in the hold out counties of San Bernardino and San Diego and I hope the county officials can do it as soon as possible so those in need can truly benefit. I also hope the county can make guidelines for cities so they could allow for distribution centers to be available for those who qualify for the drug. Because of the reefer madness of our public officials such as Ontario, distribution centers for those who need the drug have to travel far to obtain it since they are not allowed in the city.

Our Attorney General and President have made it known that low level marijuana use is not a critical priority for federal law enforcement. However if a drug cartel or drug dealer is growing a whole house filled with plants and using excessive water and electricity then it is understandable that we should go after them. The federal government does reserve the right to arrest and prosecute people who sell and use marijuana even if it is for a medicinal purpose, but they are laying low for the time being.

If we want to make things right, write to your congress member and senators and urge for the decriminalization of marijuana for responsible use. Or better yet sue the federal government because they say pot has no medicinal value due to being placed on Schedule I, but it does have medicinal value.

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