IRV Advocacy in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County has a fiscal crisis and I wanted to help out in saving our local government money. With a 50 million dollar budget deficit we have to use our money efficiently to erase the deficit. If I could help save a hundred thousand or more then that would make a difference.

I decided to ask a question about how the ROV pays for runoff elections, I know it will probably take a week or two after the May 19th election to answer for my question since they will be busy counting ballots.

How much money does it cost to do a runoff election for a municipality such as San Bernardino with the February 06 mayor runoff?

Does it cost the county extra money to do runoff elections for supervisor or judge if the contest does not provide a 50%+1 winner in the primary election, when the election is held as part of a consolidated general election.

These answers will help with the argument to get San Bernardino County local officials and legislators to support election reform in the state of California.

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