Time To Clean House

A group of concerned voters from the 29th State Senate District have decided to set their targets on State Senator Bob Huff of Diamond Bar. Although Republicans in Southern California are setting their targets on Assembly Anthony Adams who directly approved tax increases to give the Democratic Party the votes to pass in supermajority. State Senator Huff indirectly increased taxes due to his vote putting Proposition 1A on the ballot.

Republican candidates were encouraged to sign pledges that they would not vote to increase taxes as legislators and voters in the 29th State Senate District are disgusted that Senator Huff violated his word with his constituents. I agree the state does need revenue, but these tax increases are not the ideal way to raise revenue and will hurt the people of our great state more than it will help us. We need to think of ways to create jobs and productivity so we can raise revenue that way instead of discouraging consumption.

The Huff recall is being ran by political novices, but I hope the proponents will get their feet off the ground soon so they can get the 65,000 plus 25% extra in signatures in the next few months we can send a message to our legislators to take their promises seriously or not make them at all.

If you are looking for more information join the Facebook group called Recall Bob Huff.

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