Thank You Senator Maldonado

As a Republican it is rare to see a California Republican state legislator to support legislation positive to the LGBT community. One of Karen England’s assistants was not pleased that Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria was supporting the bill SB 572 in the Education Committee supporting the establishment of Harvey Milk Day in the state of California.

Even though Senator Maldonado may have "nothing to lose" by staying away from the orthodoxy of the Republican Party because he crossed the line endorsing tax increases to solve the Republican Party, those who live in California should send a letter of appreciation to the senator from the 15th district. 

The bill was previously vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger because he believed that Harvey Milk should have been commemorated in San Francisco only, but it’s agreeable when Senator Leno said the Milk movie made the struggle of Harvey Milk a national issue.

People do need role models to counter the spite and malice that goes around society. Karen England says we need to focus on academics not holidays on each special interest group, but due to the bullying in our school house walls it is difficult for these students to even concentrate on academics. Sadly Karen England wants to trivialize the accomplishments of Harvey Milk just because he is a gay man.

Harvey Milk was inspirational to many people because he gave thousands of gay youth a reason to live.  The opposition may not be happy that Harvey Milk was one of the first leaders to defeat one of their measures to discriminate against LGBT people. Traditionalist activists such as Lou Sheldon and Karen England may think if students learn about historical figures such as Harvey Milk, impressionable youth will catch the gay and turn queer. However these individuals don’t realize that being gay is not like catching the N1H1 flu virus.  Harvey Milk gave the LGBT community hope in the quest for equality during his short life.

It seems that ‘pro-family’ organizations just want to keep the fuel of ignorance and prejudice just to make a buck. If bullying of gay and lesbian students ended they would not have new foot soldiers to feed their bank accounts and activist army. It is abhorrent how organizations such as Capitol Resource Family Impact paint themselves as being the victim of hate and intolerance from the gay community when their activism does not paint themselves as perfect angels when children such as Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover at age 11, hung himself because he could not endure any more anti-gay taunts. Even if children do not identify as gay, this abuse has got to end.

Ending anti-gay harassment is about academics, all children deserve a quality education no matter what race, and creed or sexuality a child may be. Harvey Milk Day may be a symbolic gesture to show to the people of California the accomplishments of a martyred civil rights activist. Before there was President Obama there was a leader thirty years prior that taught California about hope.

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