For The Love of Country, but Not Yet

Yes, the armed forces of our nation still needs people to serve us proudly. However I am not yet desirable for the military even though they are taking in felons and people over 45 because they are lacking people. Our armed forces do very good things mostly for the people of the nation and the world. President Clinton tried to let openly gay and lesbian soldiers serve, but he was only able to make a compromise where you have to lie in order to serve. I personally feel that this is dishonest and I would rather be honest to myself and others.

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act is the bill that will give the freedom for these soldiers to serve our nation. This is the issue that has overwhelming bi-partisan support from Republicans as well as the Democratic party. Luckily I was immune to the allure of President Obama, I knew he was not going to come through with his promises to the LGBT community. I did vote for McCain because at least he was consistent and did not promise the world to get the vote. It is up to the people of America to write to their legislators and demand for the bill to be co-sponsored or voted for. However pressure on your legislators would be the perfect solution towards getting this law passed in the next military funding authorization bill.

Unfortunately on the White House website, undoing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is not a high priority on the Obama administration. Sooner or later the bill will come to his desk and he will have to make do with his campaign promises.

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