We Should Give Beautiful A Second Chance

We don’t have to live in a world where we give bad names to beautiful things /  we should live in a beautiful world  / we should give beautiful a second chance -Marillion, 1995

I am very disgusted with the sod who called my land lady in to code enforcement. She wants to cut down anything that is beautiful around the front of the house because she wants to prevent a future nitwit from narcing her again.

I told her son that I have a friend in city council who could mediate with the code enforcement department so we could alleviate her fears, but unfortunately in a bout of prevention she decides to pave some of our lawn and cut down some of the bushes near our windows as well with the cutting down of the palm trees. My father and me do not mind the removal of the palm trees because its droppings can cause safety issues with the power lines, but the removal of our landscaping that my father spends my time maintaining hurts.

It was also revealed that it was not a tree contractor nor the people living south from us. It was someone living on the other street. Friendly communication would of been better before getting the city government on the home owner’s ass. I know people may be bored, but is there better hobbies to think of than narcing your neighbors? It would of been common courtesy to let the home owner know of your concern, and if they brush it off then contact the city.

Communication, is all we need to prevent sore feelings. From code enforcement to our land lady, to the land lady to her tenants.

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