Xenophobia Will Get Us Nowhere

Even if we did close up our borders like how the Minuteman Project would like to advocate on our southern border with Mexico, that action may be helpful in making sure that less people come in our borders. However there are other vectors that would help spread the swine flu around the world that would still make it easy for disease to spread.

Xenophobia may be the rage on talk radio from Michael Savage to Glen Beck in how they want to use the issue of illegal immigration as a scapegoat in stating that since we are invaded by the people from the south we should have plenty to worry about. However people who visited Mexico who were Americans were also infected such as students from New York State who decided to visit Mexico for spring break.

Unlike prior pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, we have air travel and other mass transportation that allows for the free flow of people around the world. This is a bigger vector that can make it difficult for us to contain disease. It would be unrealistic to put a big giant glass bubble over Southern California and Mexico, when improving our sanitation practices would make a better impact.

If we did not live in this modern age we probably would of had more deaths and it would of taken months if not years for an epidemic to pass through. The flu naturally kills off people with weak immune systems, but hopefully this new strain of the flu will be in the next flu vaccines in the coming years.

It is all about common sense, if you have to cough in a public place, cough into your shoulder blade not your hands and if you have to do the number 2, wash your hands. It is all about personal responsibility for us to do our part for a healthy and safe community.

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