Ontario’s Heritage Must Be Preserved

The master plan for remaking Ontario’s downtown believes that a good downtown must remove the original buildings for a made up reality artificially made like Disneyland. Ontario really badly wants to remove the tenants that make up the older downtown along Euclid Avenue such as the Yangtze restaurant so they could make Ontario truly the destination of Southern California. I do feel insulted when I hear people demean my community that I have lived in for the last 27 years when they think of it as a wasteland after they attended an national conference at the Ontario Convention Center

However Ontario does not need to white wash its main thoroughfare by either removing historic buildings or its Latino dominated downtown business sector. If the Planning Commission things they could turn Euclid Avenue into an upscale shopping district then I probaly have some mushrooms to sell them. Latino and non-latino oriented businesses should be integrated together so we can succeed together. The son of the owner of the restaurant Gary Gin said, the redevelopment project is basically failing due to a very cold housing market and why bother demolishing any more buildings. Maybe we should just end the negotiations and just salvage the redevelopment project with the current housing development and keep it as it is.

Unfortunately due to the Supreme Court, property owners have less rights than municipalities. If the city of Ontario wants to demolish the Yangtze they will find a way to do it. Maybe the Ontario Redevelopment Agency will end up replacing the family business with a corporate owned Panda Inn restaurant instead.

Would it be better just to demolish the abandoned Toys R’Us,  Target and Food 4 Less buildings on 5th and Mountain instead of having to burden a small business owner with lawsuits and litigation. Would it be better just to make do with the downtown we have, where in Claremont they adapt older buildings for modern usage? We are living in an economy where people do not want to spend big money like they used to. We need to appreciate our heritage, while becoming fiscally prudent.

My advice  for the people concerned, visit the Yangtze restaurant at least once just in case if the owner surrenders to the city to close it down so they can build their white elephant project. Write to the city council members and the mayor and get involved in your local government.

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