On The Other Propositions

I am against Proposition 1C, It is only a one time infusion of $5 billion. It only gives us money for one year or to clean up the massive budget deficit that will likely not go away just to give away the state lottery to a private company. And if you are either an evangelical against gambling or a liberal worried about the impact of gambling on the poor, you absolutely understand why a vote against Proposition 1C would be vital.

Selling off the lottery by placing a bond on the asset is stupid. I agree with the League of Women Voters when they say bonds are for roads and libraries, not for short term spending.

I am against Proposition 1D and 1E, even though I find that First 5 may have some fraud and mismanagement, we do not need to take it out on the children who benefit from Proposition 1D. 1E comes from the funds from the millionaires tax to fund mental health, even though I disagree with the millionaires tax that makes our former taxpayers like Tiger Woods move out of California, we should not need to slash mental health programs from the people of our state.

Proposition 1F is the only YES vote I support. Politicians who openly support a budget in the red do not deserve a raise. I would honestly support one that would expand it to legislative aides who make as much money as the legislators.

Matthew Munson endorses NO on 1A-1E, a Yes on 1F

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