Inland Valley still needs a blogging voice.

Inland Utopia still hopes to cover stuff happening in the San Gabriel Valley, Western San Bernardino County and Riverside County. If there is any critical news I will be here to use my voice to speak out and communicate to my readership.

Of course there is Red County San Bernardino for conservative views, and sooner or later our Democratic party friends will have a blog for left leaning views. However at Inland Utopia we are centrist with a populist tint.

Inland Utopia will still be around as long as people are here reading. My recent Google Analytics reports show that around 200 people visit each month. I appreciate the response from our readers. There is a few things I would like to do to make this site better.

A quick survey in the near future to ask our readers what would they like in this site.

Adding community features so Inland Utopia would be a portal, 1 logon to access my forums site and the blog.

OpenID support so you can send comments on my posts.

Interactive chats with our readers so we can meet and talk bi-monthly at least.

I know a successful blog will take time, effort and love. I hope we can start a conversation and continue the journey.

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