Good News

I figured out why my remote blogging applications were refusing to work, It was all about my .htaccess file and most likely my relative hyperlink permalink system in how my articles are linked on my site.

So I do not have to end up buying RocketPost or BlogJet to do my blogging.

Not having to spend 30 to 50 dollars to edit my blog easily makes me happy.

I am trying out new software applications, but personally I feel comfortable when applicaions are updated semi regularlly.  Not seeing BlogJet updated since 2007 makes me wary in wanting to pay 40 dollars for it.

Windows Live Writer may have killed the offline blog editor program market, but competition is healthy for innovation for those who use these programs to edit the blogs they write for.

Sorry to the fatcow tech support staff, but when you pay good money for a service you want it in full operation where you can use all the services your entitled to. Things are working well at the moment and thank you for your time.

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