An Unfortunate Situation at Animal Control

    An unfortunate situation happened at the Inland Valley Humane society as reported in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, over 50 puppies and small dogs were put to sleep due to being infected with Parvo. It’s regrettable that these innocent creatures had to suffer the fate, with over 16 cities in our area contracting with this organization maybe its true that we need to split the shelter under two locations so we could provide better service for the animals, the client cities and the people who would be willing to take these animals in and adopt then.
    Animal control does a hard job dealing with the animals that no one really wanted. I would like to see a review of a committee of city council members who help fund the organization with the licence fees to see what can be done to make things better. We need to perhaps get a new set of kennels in another location so we can ease the pain, when multiple animals are in one kennel its more likely diseases like Parvo will spread.
    The idea of having to put to sleep all these animals is distressing and unfortunate. Check out your local animal shelter and consider adopting one of their dogs or cats.

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